Trends in Catering: July 2015

Food Theatre
More than just made-to-order stations (for omelets or pasta), theatrical food presentations are now very popular at upscale events. In the same way that Baked Alaska has been impressing foodies for more than a century, dramatic food stations are bringing together innovative culinary ideas and impressive presentations. Made to order stir-fry, sushi, and desserts are just a few examples, but it all comes at a price. If you have a big crowd, then you will need several presenters to ensure everyone is served at the same time.

Modern Is In
(like Indian, Thai, and Italian) gained in popularity for a while, but modern infusions are replacing those traditional meals. For example, hosts want to impress guests by combining regional flavors with unusual ingredients. Typically, infusing flavors meant marrying two broadly known culinary types — like American southwest food with asian spices. But now infusion is extending to lesser-known regional dishes from small locales like Corsica and Jamaica.

Indoor Food Trucks
With the increase in food-truck food quality, party hosts are looking to bring that avant-garde feel to large indoor events. And while you don’t have to roll in giant food trucks, you can replicate the feel by offering several kinds of foods at several locations within a large space. This kind of presentation works well when there are hundreds (or thousands) of people to serve. But you can also ask your caterer to scale it down, creating food stations, each serving a unique food.

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Trends in Catering: July 2015
Food theatre, modern is in, and indoor food trucks are July 2015 catering trend.