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Planning a Thanksgiving Feast for a small gathering or a large group of family and friends can be a bit intimidating. Before you become nervous, don’t! Here are some great ideas to make sure that your Thanksgiving Dinner Party runs smoothly!

We all realize that planning a Thanksgiving dinner party takes a lot of work and planning but the first thing you must come up with is the theme, this will make your life easier. The theme for the Thanksgiving dinner party and your table setting will bring everything together, the food, the colors, the centerpieces and the table décor. When decorating your table you must get creative, think about adding a little something for your guest to take away from this fabulous Thanksgiving feast; something that represents fall, a Thanksgiving Table Favor. You can also dress the table up by decorating it with leaves and/or pine cones.

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After you select your theme and get your table decorations together, you can come up with a Catering Menu. Depending on whether or not you are having a traditional or non traditional dinner will be based on what you will want to serve. Make sure that you take some time out and prepare any dishes that can be prepared earlier such as gravy, cranberry sauce or rolls. Anything you can prepare earlier please do, it will make your life as a hostess much easier! Once you have your menu set make sure you go through your menu and make of list of everything you need, including condiments. You should check your list twice, just to make sure that you don’t leave anything off.

Bring out the nice dinnerware! Anytime you are hosting a dinner party, this is the time to break out the finest and if you don’t have any dinnerware this is the time to go and make that investment. It’s definitely well worth it! If you do own your very own dinnerware, make sure you clean and polish it a few days before your Thanksgiving feast. Also, don’t try to do everything by yourself, see if your friends or family don’t mind giving you a hand. And if you have kids, you can summon both your kids and your significant other to pitch in! They could help out with the cleaning and getting all the little things tidied up for the dinner party.

One thing many people don’t take advantage of when hosting a dinner party is asking the guest to bring in a few side dishes. Your guest won’t mind helping you out because you are gracious enough to lend your home and host such a lovely dinner. You can have your guest bring side dishes, desserts, breads and/or beverages. You may have an aunt that makes the best ice tea in the world and you can ask her to make her famous tea for your dinner party, she would be flattered! Your family and friends will be thrilled to lend a helping hand knowing that’s less stress off for you.

Now you are ready to host your wonderful Thanksgiving Feast with your family and friends. Relax and enjoy your company and enjoy the fun!

Have A Great Thanksgiving Feast!

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