Raw Food Catering

With raw food diets on the rise in the Bay Area, caterers are generally comfortable creating menu options with a meat choice, a vegetarian choice, and a raw food option. If the hosts eat only raw food, then a raw entree is likely to available for everyone.

Some catering options are already raw. Carrots, broccoli, and other assorted raw vegetables are a staple for a pre-dinner reception. While many dips are dairy based, you can work with your caterer to include raw (and vegan) dips like chutneys and herby, oil based choices.

Some hosts won’t serve meat; but a fully raw entree might be a challenge for some guests. Not everyone is prepared to eat a meal of raw food. So a (cooked) vegetarian option will generally satisfy most guests. Technically, sushi is a raw food, but sushi is generally a risky option as there will inevitable be someone who won’t eat raw fish.

You can also find a good selection of raw desserts. Of course, fruit is always a healthy, raw dessert, but you can find several indulgent chocolate choices that don’t need eggs, dairy, or cooking time.