Pros and Cons of Using the Church Hall

Most churches have a common area or function space that you can rent or use on your wedding day. The generic church hall has a reputation for being a cheap and tacky option for a wedding reception. However, with just a few minor adjustments, the church hall might be your best option.

To start, the church hall will be cheap. Maybe even free. And the best way to use the money you are saving is to invest in a decorating service to help you spruce up the space. (Don’t let your friends hang streamers.) And a decorating service will still be cheaper than an cost of using an expensive hotel by the water.

If you are comparing reception sites, go look at the spaces at night, when each is empty. Expensive hotel ballrooms frequently suffer from the same impersonal feel that you will have in the empty church hall. Plus, a hotel ballroom with sweeping views of the bay looks entirely different at night when the windows are black.

The church will allow you to bring in your own caterer. If you go with an expensive reception hall or hotel, you probably have to use their food and beverage services. And at their prices. Plus, you might not be able to create a customized menu. You might only be able to select from a limited number of menus.

Churches come with large, industrial kitchens placed conveniently next to the reception hall. Caterers love these kinds of resources. You will be able to offer a wide range of foods with such a large kitchen nearby. Vegan, vegetarian, pescaterian, and gluton free items will be easier to offer your guests thanks to the church kitchen.

Finally, the convenience of a church hall is a tremendous relief to most of your guests. Of course, you’ll have plenty of single, young, healthy friends attending your wedding. But the majority of guests will have children or be over 50. For them, moving from a church to a reception hall could be exhausting. The convenience of using the church hall is invaluable to most of your guests.

A wedding reception is not defined by its hall, hotel, or event space; Comfort, easy of use, delicious food, and a celebratory mood will be the memorable parts of your wedding reception. And the church basement could end up being a perfect choice.

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Pros and Cons of Using the Church Hall
Most churches have a common area or function space that you can rent or use on your wedding day