Plated or Buffet Meal

While plated meals tend to offer a more formal feel, and buffet meals are known to cost less, ask your caterer to assist you in examining the benefits of each. With the right selection of food and a substantial investment in servers, a buffet can be an excellent selection for a formal event.

The most important benefit of a buffet is the selection. While you can save a little money if you have a buffet with a limited selection, the buffet can be an excellent choice for the modern wedding where many of your guests will likely have specific dietary requirement.

With a buffet, you can can offer a salad station, a gluten-free option, a vegan choice, a vegetarian choice, and meat dish. Because the San Francisco Bay area is known for its diversity, you might find that your local guests will appreciate the consideration for their dietary restrictions.

You do sacrifice a bit on the level of service when you offer your guests a buffet. However, if you staff the event well, you can always provide older or disabled guests the option of having a server plate the food for them. Plus, you will need to have a significant number of servers clearing plates and refilling drinks.

Buffet dinners provide guests with a good excuse to get up and move around. Weddings can be lengthy and while it may be an overwhelming day for the couple and their families, guests can easily get antsy. Offering a buffet is a great option for providing a variety of food and physical distraction during the event.