Planning a Big Wedding on a Budget

According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in the US was $32,641 in 2015. The average cost was even higher in the Bay Area at over $39,000! That’s a shockingly high amount to spend one day, even though it is certainly a special one. What can you do if you want to invite all your friends and relatives but don’t want to break the piggy bank? Here are a few suggestions for planning a big wedding on a budget.

  1. Book Your Venue Early – One of the biggest expenses when it comes to a wedding is the venue, especially if you need a place that holds a couple of hundred guests. There are two things that make a venue tough to book – if it is high-end and exclusive or if it is cheap. If you don’t want to spend $15-20K on the venue alone, you need to book an inexpensive venue well in advance.
  2. Pick Your Own Ring – Guys often go overboard when it comes to engagement rings. It’s not that the gesture goes unappreciated. You want to show off that rock to all your friends. But the average spend in 2015 was $5,871. This is a place where you can easily shave $2-3K off of your overall costs by discussing rings in advance.
  3. Hire the Right Caterer – If you have an intimate wedding of 50, you may be able to afford $300 a plate. But once you invite 300 of your closest friends, you may be tempted to have guests bring a covered dish. The right catering company can help you to cut costs by going the buffet route and keeping an eye on other unnecessary expenses.

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