Not an Open Bar — A Limited Bar

The cost of liquor at a wedding is always a stressful topic. Generally, families want to be gracious hosts and offer their guests free drinks all night. Some opt for beer and wine at dinner but a cash bar for the rest of the reception. Young couples, however, have come up with an innovative option that satisfies their need to be gracious hosts while maintaining their bank accounts.

With a limited bar, couples offer a limited number of drinks, therefore reducing the need for a full array of alcohol. However, limiting the number of drinks is generally not enough to push the costs significantly lower. With a limited bar, the couple buys the liquor at a discount liquor store and provides the bartender with a list of limited drink options for guests.

A simple menu card, slate display, or white board at the bar informs the guests of their options. The guests still have a choice, but the hosts are controlling their costs.

Plus, the bride and groom can give the drinks some amusing names. “Cold Feet” for scotch on the rocks. “The Dizzy Bride” for pink champagne on ice. Or “The Mother In Law” for a straight shot of whiskey. If the bride or groom has a favorite liquor or cocktail, adding that drink to the limited menu is a great way to personalize the options.

Generally, liquor stores don’t take returns, so the couple will have to be cautious and try not to buy too much alcohol. However, a few extra bottles of scotch around the honeymooning couple could turn into a happy baby before the first anniversary.