Local Food at Your Wedding

In an effort to reduce their environmental impact while supporting local farmers and businesses, many young couple source as much food as possible from local markets. If you want to keep within these personal choices for your wedding, speak to your caterer about using local vendors for your wedding reception.

First, be prepared that using local sources will likely cost more. Not only do caterers typically get a discount on food because they buy in quantity, your caterer will have to spend a significant amount of time sourcing and acquiring enough food for a wedding reception.

However, you might be able to shave off some of those costs if you are willing to do some of the work yourself. If you already buy local produce at a neighborhood farmer’s market, you already have a good source of local food. With the quantities necessary for a wedding, any farmer’s market vendor will be happy to spend some additional time talking with you about supplying the food for the dinner.

You can also use local businesses to add an authentic taste to the menu. Traditional Italian shops are a fantastic place to find imported food from the Mediterranean. Greek, Thai, and Mexican food add flair and flavor to your wedding while supporting the local shops that carry the imports. Again, you can help shave off the cost of using these sources by making the initial contact.

Lastly, these local vendors might be willing to offer you a price cut if you promote their businesses at your wedding. A small card placed at each table listing the local businesses that benefited from the wedding is a great way to inform the guests of your local sources while providing those businesses with some direct marketing.