It’s Never Too Late for an Outdoor Event

Caterman-Catering-Outdoor-EventThanks to the temperate climate in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can use outdoor event spaces throughout the year. By using large tents, made for big events like weddings, along with commercial heaters and single, portable heaters, you can take advantage of open spaces you would have otherwise declined.

Because people frequently attend big events in heavy formal wear, you might find that your guests will enjoy the cool weather. Big dresses and synthetic fabric tuxedos hold in body heat. By having an event in the winter with an outdoor tent, your guests will be able to eat dinner, pose for photos, and dance for hours without removing several layers of their formal attire.

Outdoor events also lend themselves to decorative themes such as fall leaves, winter snow, and early spring colors. If the weather is especially cold, you can add to the atmosphere with mulled wine, hot cider, and hot chocolate. Additional decorations such as flame towers can add unique accents to the event. You might also be able to get permission to build a fire in the open air for roasting marshmallow.

Frequently, you can acquire on these outdoor spaces at a discount during the winter months. These kinds of spaces are very popular in spring and summer, but hold less appeal in the winter. However, by working with your caterer to create a warm and inviting event space, you can make your wedding, birthday, or corporate celebration both comfortable and memorable.