Is Fall Now the Most Popular Season for Weddings?

If you are planning a wedding for the fall, you’re not alone. In fact, you may be planning to get married during the most popular season for weddings. According to some recent research by The Knot, 39% of couples got married during the fall in 2015 with September and October making up nearly a third of all weddings in the calendar year. Here are a few tips for a perfect autumn wedding.

  • The perfect season for a rustic wedding – You don’t have to use fall colors just because you get married during the season, but it does lend itself to a more rustic theme. Whether you want to get married in an old barn, have hay bales as seats, or just some twine in the décor, the fall is the right time of year to plan to say, “I do.”
  • The ideal time for berries – While some flowers are out of season during the fall, berries are in season. You can combine flowers and berries for your bouquet or centerpieces and have some berries on the dessert menu to tie the event together.
  • Pumpkin everything! – Okay, so you may not want to go overboard with the pumpkins (or you risk your wedding looking more like a harvest party), but using pumpkins in your décor or having it somewhere in the menu are also great ways to tie the knot and tie-in with the season at the same time.

Plan the Ultimate Fall Wedding

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