How To Plan Holiday Party

Tis the season for office parties. And probably a little confusion. Can you call it a Christmas party? Should you celebrate Kwanzaa? Will someone get mad if you call it a Holiday party? Unfortunately the answer to all of these questions is yes… and no. Given today’s multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, all-welcoming, non-discrimination workplace, hosting an end-of-year office party can be challenging. A good caterer can help.

Start by acknowledging December as a month of celebrations. You can name as many rites and rituals as you’d like; or mention none. Luckily, the winter weather brings traditional foods that make for great parties. Hot drinks, tiny hotdogs, and rich desserts go well with cold, foggy nights.

Dress up the office (or other event space) with company colors and logos. Sure red, green, and blue are traditional colors for the season, but you can stray from the traditional with something closer to home. It’s a great time of year to hand out gifts, so make an investment in some logo-emblazoned mugs, hats, bags, or shirts.

Make a night of it! After some drinks and snacks, forgo an evening of small talk and gossip with a surprise trip to the theatre with tickets for everyone. Or a movie. Or a ghostly, night tour of the city. It’s time to get out of the office and enjoy the season.

The holidays are stressful. Financial pressures, busy schedules, and family obligations can weigh down on your employees. Ask a catering company to help you plan a unique and memorable office gathering to help everyone release a little of that Christmas stress.