Hire a Barista and a Bartender

With the popularity of coffee shops steadily on the rise for more than 20 years, consider offering your guests a coffee and smoothie bar as well as a beer, wine, and cocktail bar. Ideal for mid-day weddings, a coffee bar is also a great way to cut the cost of offering a full sit-down meal.

For those who frequent Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or local cafes, a coffee bar at a wedding reception would be a welcome change. For some, this option will reduce the need for a full meal — especially if you are serving fruit smoothies. If you add a selection of pastries or finger foods, some people will skip the meal altogether.

In the summer, while some guests will go for a hot coffee or latte, others will welcome the chance to order an ice-blended coffee (or non coffee) beverage. If you put the alcohol bar next to the coffee bar, some guests will certainly ask for hot and cold coffee drinks with a shot of liquor.

At a modern wedding reception, the one-meal-fits-all mentality is out-of-date. Guests are looking for an array of options — including coffees, smoothies, and light finger foods. Work with your caterer to see how you can increase the variety of options and still keep your wedding reception within budget.