Having More Than One Reception

Having more than one wedding reception might be an expensive necessity. Given that most people in the Bay Area have clusters of friends and family around the country (and vice versa), you might need to work with your caterer(s) to hold several low-key receptions.

Asking everyone you know to buy airline tickets and hotel rooms just for your wedding can put a significant financial strain on friends and family. But if you live in the Bay Area, and you have family in Florida, and your spouse has family in Boston, you might need to hold three small events to celebrate your wedding.

Start by asking your primary caterer for help in planning a low-cost event. You can then use this formula to hold similar events in several locations. Because all caterers have access to inexpensive wedding reception options (like low-cost reception halls and discount DJs) you will likely save money by working with a local catering company in all locations. If you have sufficient amount of time to plan each event, you can bring an extra suitcase filled with supplies like reception favors and decorations. Luckily, we live in a digital age where music and slideshow presentations need little more than a computer connected to the internet.

In order to fund your own wedding reception national tour, don’t be shy about sharing the plan with your friends and family. In fact, you can ask for frequent flyer points and hotel points on your wedding registry. Then, your friends and family are giving you the gift of travel to fly and see them. In today’s world, everyone has family around the country (and around the world). Those closest to you want to celebrate your wedding with you — and with some ingenuity, everyone can enjoy a dancing with the happy couple.

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Having More Than One Reception
Having more than one wedding reception might be an expensive necessity.