Give Your Wedding Some Zip!

Your guests are looking for something to remember. After dozens of weddings and uniform events, they want to remember your wedding as something special. Unfortunately, even the most inspired couples can reduce their wedding down to bare minimums and standardized choices. Instead of seeing your bright day dimmed by the pressures of pleasing everyone, add some inexpensive pizzazz to your event.

Add a red carpet moment. Ask your caterer to include a well lit red carpet walkway for your guests. The photographer should be able to provide the additional service of stationary person taking photos as the guests enter the reception hall. For a true Hollywood effect, add a backdrop on the red carpet spot complete with your name and the city or venue where you held the reception.

Give your guests the chance to customize their dessert.While your wedding cake might be delicious as is, adding a sprinkles, caramel, and peanut toppings at the table will give the guests a chance to liven up the standard white cake. And always offer ice cream.

Use social media to provide a real time slideshow. Use Twitter and Facebook to stream wedding photos onto a screen in the reception room. Create and promote your own hashtag like “#kellyandmichael”. You no longer have to wait to see the best photo from your guest’s phones; they can share the photos with everyone at the reception, during the reception.

Not everyone will understand some of the creative ideas you might use to make your wedding fun and exciting. But the wedding should reflect the personality of the newly married couple. Add some fun to your wedding, and everyone will remember it for a lifetime.

Article Name
Give Your Wedding Some Zip!
Add some fun to your wedding, and everyone will remember it for a lifetime.