Give Thanks Without the Prep and Cleanup in San Jose and the Bay Area

The fourth Thursday in November, families gather around the US to enjoy a meal together and express what they are thankful for. Of course, it is a completely different holiday for the family members who prepare the meal, sometimes starting the day before. Cleanup can also be a major undertaking.

Have you ever considered having your dinner prepared for you? While you may question whether anything can be as good as a home cooked meal, the one thing there is really no replacement for is you. Spend the day with your family instead of in the kitchen. Spend your evening catching up with loved ones instead of cleaning up after them.

Caterman Catering has more than 25 years of catering experience in San Jose and throughout the Bay Area. Our holiday menus are delicious and satisfying. We can help you plan your private event and select menu items that your family loves. We also offer a free tasting, so you can be confident that this will be a meal that your family will enjoy.

Drop off express catering means that you get your meal when you need it and the clean up is as easy as getting rid of the packaging. So this year, serve an unforgettable meal and actually spend time with your guests. Call Caterman Catering today at 408-441-8719 to start planning your menu now. This year, let spending time with you be one of the many things your family can be thankful for.