Five Ways to Spice Up Your Halloween

1. Pumpkin Spice: Although everything from coffee to candles now comes in pumpkin spice, don’t shy away from the trend. There’s a reason why so many companies added pumpkin spice to their line of flavors… it’s good stuff. Add pumpkin spice to your pancakes, muffins, and frostings.

2. Front Porch Decorations: You don’t have to create an entire haunted house on the big day. Some fake spider webs, creepy music, and a fog machine will get the same effect with less effort. Add a motion-detection mummy and you’ll be sure to scare up some Halloween fun.

3. Simple Costumes: Less is more. Instead of elaborate costumes, try something simple. A simple white sheet (with holes for your eyes) makes for an amusingly basic costume. Or a green apron and white shirt turns you into your local barista.

4. Ceramic Pumpkins: Carving pumpkins can be messy and time consuming. Plastic pumpkins look cheap. Spend $25 and invest in a durable, ceramic pumpkin. With either a classic Halloween face a more artistic design, a ceramic pumpkin is an upscale alternative to this front porch tradition.

5. Treat Friends and Family Right: For those front-door giveaways, stick to the standard, pre-wrapped candies and chocolates. However, for the teachers, grandparents, and neighbors, go homemade or gourmet. Sit down with a professional baker and create some fun Halloween treats. Search the Internet and social media sites for amusing decorations and ask a local baker to match the look.

Article Name
Five Ways to Spice Up Your Halloween
Pumpkin Spice, Front Porch Decorations, Simple Costumes, Ceramic Pumpkins, Treat Friends and Family Right Are Five Ways to Spice Up Your Halloween Party.