Event Planning Buzzwords for 2019: Diversity

Don’t let the word “buzzwords” fool you. Diversity in event planning for 2019 is about more than just being on trend. This is about celebrating diversity and it is also about your attendees feeling included. How can you celebrate diversity at your next special event whether it be a wedding or a corporate event?

  • Diversity in entertainment – Hiring the right entertainment can make everyone feel included. Whether it is the style of music being played or the type of entertainment itself, be sure to respect the cultures and lifestyles of your attendees.
  • Diversity in cuisine – Food is a key component of just about every culture in the world. You can both appeal to your diverse attendees and open the eyes of attendees to a whole new world of flavors by including an ethnically diverse menu at your event.

More Event Planning Tips for San Jose and Bay Area Events

If you are planning a special event in 2019, you need to know what event attendees are going to be expecting. This will allow you to satisfy or even exceed the expectations of your event guests. Caterman Catering always strives to be at the forefront of the hospitality industry, both by staying up to date on industry trends and by offering the best catering menu options.

Look at our ethnic catering menus to see if they meet the needs of your upcoming event, or you can customize a menu so that your attendees are sure to fully enjoy their meal. Call 408-441-8719 to start planning your San Jose or Bay Area event today.