Event Planning Buzzwords for 2019: Customization

Whether you are planning a wedding or a corporate event, personalization of the experience is going to be one of the things that attendees crave. How can you offer a customizable experience for people who attend your corporate or private event in 2019? Here are a few tips:

  • Advanced questionnaires – This has been common when it comes to meal planning at weddings for many years. Do you want the chicken or the fish? It’s right on the RSVP card. However, now you may choose to customize things beyond the meal, such as entertainment. Would the attendees prefer a DJ or live band? Would they prefer an indoor or outdoor event? Polling the audience on things you are willing to adjust can allow you to satisfy the most attendees.
  • Real-time personalization – This can be added to the menu by having a customizable bar. Whether it is a coffee bar where people can make their own beverage or a sundae bar where they can personalize a dessert, there are many ways to add real-time personalization to an event. You can also do this through entertainment if you have a band or DJ who accepts requests.

Personalizing Your Special Event to Make It a Real Crowd-Pleaser

Regardless of the size or purpose of your event, Caterman Catering can help you to offer the personalized customization that attendees want and may even grow to expect as it becomes a more popular trend. To start planning out a customizable meal, call us today at 408-441-8719 and speak to one of our San Jose event planners.