Eggcelent Options

Spring is in town and Easter has just bounced its way past our creative noses. While many are making plans for the next culinary adventure, a vibrant spring fling party, or festive game-day feast, there is no denying one item sure to stay on everyone’s mind this time of year: eggs!

Children recently reveled in egg coloring and egg hunt activities while adults found any excuse to enjoy chocolate eggs and the always-tasty deviled ones. Whether they come in plastic, candy, or plain boiled form, eggs are ever present in our daily lives and their nourishing value is surpassed by none more wholesome.

What would we do without the egg? It is a dietary keystone and has remained consistently nutritious and well-loved throughout time. Eggs are an all-natural source of high-quality protein, essential vitamins, and minerals. Nutrition research suggests eggs can play in role in weight management, muscle strength, pregnancy health, growth and development of children, and muscle mass and function during aging.

Due to its popularity, preparation of the egg has become an art form, yielding many creative and delicious options. Eggs are easy to eat, adaptable to any meal, well-tolerated by young and old, and inexpensive. You can have eggs for all three meals, as an appetizer, salad, or even in your drink. Its daily versatility has often caused it to be overlooked when planning a party or formal dinner menu. Surprise your guests this season by incorporating eggs in your menu or go even further by making it the star of the show.