Earth Friendly Catering

Access to environmentally conscious food is prevalent in the San Francisco Bay Area. With locally sourced produce and free-range meat close at hand, Bay Area residents can easily ask their caterers to use responsible products in the meal. Generally, these ingredients will cost more than the bulk items most caterers use regularly, however, the food will likely have the fresh, nutritious taste that only comes with local food.

In order to discourage the use of petroleum-based fabrics like rayon and polyester, some people only want to use linens and decorations made from natural, reusable materials. For example, you can request that the napkins be 100% cotton, the dishes be ceramic (not plastic), and any balloons be biodegradable. Again, many of these requests will increase the cost of the event, however, natural products are rare and may add an elegant touch the party.

Clean Up
Demanding eco-friendly cleaners may be a new request for your catering company — and may be difficult to meet with short notice. If the use of non-toxic cleaners is pivotable in who you want to cater your event, ask this question first. California has very high cleanliness standards for the food industry and the majority of caterers probably use harsh cleaners for pots, pans, dishes, and flatware.

If you want an environmentally friendly wedding, birthday, or corporate event, make your wishes clear to your caterer. Perhaps no one has ever asked for responsibly-sourced napkins or non-toxic cleans. Your demands could be the building block for a change in the catering industry.