Dos and Don’ts for the Perfect Summer Wedding

The summer season is almost upon us, and that means it is time for more beautiful summer weddings. Are you planning your nuptials during the hottest part of the year? You can still have the perfect day. You just need to follow a few suggestions to help you beat the heat.

The Dos List

Here are three things you should be sure to do at your summer wedding:

  1. Get out of the heat – You can still have an outdoor wedding, but there need to be shady spots. You may even be able to rent an air-conditioned tent.
  2. Serve a lighter meal – Heavy foods are only going to make guests swoon under the sun that much faster. Choose fish instead of heavy meats and have cool elements on the table throughout the meal. Gazpacho makes a delicious cold appetizer, and fresh fruit can help too.
  3. Wear the right attire – You can still be in formal wear. You just have to dress in breathable fabrics.

The Don’ts List

Here are three things you want to be sure to avoid at your summer wedding:

  1. Don’t forget the sunscreen – The last thing you want is to be burned already before you leave for your honeymoon.
  2. Don’t have an early afternoon wedding – Waiting until late afternoon or even evening can help your guests to avoid being in the hottest and sunniest part of the day.
  3. Don’t delay sending out save-the-dates – Summer is a time when people travel, especially if they have kids that are in school the rest of the year. Sending out your save-the-dates as early as possible can help ensure that the people you really want there are there.

Help Planning Your Bay Area Summer Wedding

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