Dietary Restrictions Do Not Put a Damper on Your Wedding Meal

If you are dealing with dietary restrictions due to a health issue, or even if you have a number of guests coming to your wedding who are dealing with such restrictions, it doesn’t have to mean that some guests will go hungry or have to bring their own food. The fact is that the majority of US households now have at least one family member with dietary restrictions.

According to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, 60% of adults in the US are monitoring their intake of at least one major nutritional component. What are the top things that people are trying to limit?

  • Sugar – 36% of American adults are limiting sugar, many because they suffer from conditions like diabetes, while others are trying to stay ahead of the issues a sugar heavy diet can cause.
  • Sodium – Another 36% are limiting salt intake. This is important for those who are suffering from certain cardiovascular conditions.
  • Dairy – With so many suffering from a milk intolerance, 13% of people are staying away from dairy altogether, though only 11% said they were specifically avoiding lactose.
  • Gluten – Celiac disease affects 1% of people, and about 10% are limiting or avoiding gluten altogether. While it seems to be a fad diet for some, gluten sensitivity needs to be taken seriously as it can have dangerous effects on the GI tract if symptoms are ignored long-term.
  • Shell-fish – About 7% of people avoid shell-fish. For some it is just a preference, but for many others, it is a dangerous allergy that can result in anaphylaxis.
  • Peanuts – 5% of people avoid peanuts. If you have any guests with a peanut allergy, your caterer needs to know. Some people can’t even be in the same room with peanuts without the risk a dangerous reaction, so the menu has to be planned

Allergen-Conscious Catering in the Bay Area

If you ask your guests about food allergies and sensitivities and have some special requirements for your menu, the chefs at Caterman Catering are willing to go the extra mile to help you keep your guests healthy and safe. Be sure to let us know about allergens when you make your initial contact with us by calling 408-441-8719, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs, even if means creating a custom menu.