Destination: Possible

As many married couples can attest to: planning a wedding is no easy feat. From the dress to the photographer to the menu, every detail deserves its own undivided attention and oftentimes even the littlest decision can be overwhelming. All couples want to plan an event that is personal and memorable.

One of the biggest decisions for the bride and groom to make is the venue for their event. The location is oftentimes selected for its personal value or meaning for the couple. Those who choose to have a destination wedding do not do so without a lot of thought and contemplation. There are many added complexities to planning a destination wedding that may cause more stress and raise the cost of the event. However, being as the location is such a prominent part of the whole day, couples will choose to face those perceived difficulties to have the most meaningful, memorable day of celebration possible.

Fortunately, planning a destination wedding does not have to be all sweat and blood. Hiring a caterer may take care of over half of your planning battle. Not only will your caterer provide the mandatory tasty treats for you and your guests on the day of, they will also have an arsenal of recommendations for other vendors such as florists, bands/DJs, photographers, and wedding planners. One of the benefits of selecting a vendor that your caterer has worked with before is that there is already a developed working relationship between these professionals. This makes day-of coordination (such as set up and clean up) a breeze for them and eliminates the need for a mediator (you) if things go south.

Best of all, a caterer will come to you if your venue happens to not be a conventional dinner party venue such as the beach or park. Take the guess work off your plate by hiring a caterer who will help pull your event together with good food and referrals for other reliable vendors.