Corporate Catering Trends – Global Cuisine

Are you ready to have your next corporate event catered? Before you start thinking about a menu, you need to know about the latest trends in corporate catering. In this case, we are going to discuss the importance of an ethnically diverse menu for your team.

Global Menus on Trend

There are a number of cuisines that are particularly trendy right now. For example, an Asian fusion menu offers the best of Korean, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. From sushi to pad Thai, these are dishes that are growing in popularity on the global scene and are sought after by executives and employees alike.

Another popular favorite in California, in particular, is Mexican food. It is important to remember that the cuisine of Mexico is very diverse from region to region and that most American-Mexican restaurants don’t offer authentic fare. This is an opportunity to spread Mexican culture via a diverse and tasty menu.

Finally, you can’t suggest an ethnic menu without considering Italian food. Again, this is another diverse culture with cream sauces from the north and spicy seafood options from the south. You can choose from a baked pasta dish or a variety of meats cooked in wine sauces, and you know everyone will be happy.

Corporate Catering Menus that Satisfy

For your next corporate event, choose Caterman Catering. Not only can we offer ethnically diverse menus for your event, but we also have over two decades of catering experience, so you know that things will run smoothly from start to finish.

To begin planning the menu for your next corporate event, give us a call today at 408-441-8719. We service the San Jose and Bay Areas with fresh and exciting meal options.