Corporate Catering San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area

Corporate Catering San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area:

Corporate catering caterers for all industries, whether you’re a hairdresser to brick layer, electrician to event manager. All require a healthy or yummy lunch, dinner or morning tea to get them thru the day. Caterers have everything from breakfast muffins, croissants, Danishes, egg and bacon rolls, egg and sausage rolls, BBQ egg, sausage and bacon plates, fruit salads, yogurt boxes, strawberry shakes, spit roast with lamb, pork, beef and chicken, a wide selection of salads, garden salad, Greek salad, summer rocket salad, winter salad, green bean salad, creamy Italian pasta salad, gourmet coleslaw salad, German mustard sweet potato salad, seafood salad, English salad, tropical rice salad and much more.

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Caterman Corporate catering San Jose offers a variety of BBQ items – 100% American lean beef sausages, scotch fillet or rump steam cut at 300 grams per slice, chicken skewers flavored in honey and soy, special Greek spice kebabs, Indian Tandoori, satay chicken skewers, veggie patties, fried onions with a mix a gourmet salads, condiments, bread rolls and much more.

Corporate Caterman Catering also offers a variety of platters – sandwiches, gourmet or standard, triple layered, white, multigrain, brown bread, 7 varieties of fillings everything from egg mayo, to chicken and salad, roast beef, honey glazed ham. Croissants and baguettes, cold chicken or hot chicken platters, Thai beef skewers, satay chicken or beef skewers, antipasto platters, cheese and dip platters, cheese platters, wrap and fills plates, 15 boxes of salad platters. Seafood platters, large king tiger prawns cooked and peeled ready to serve, oyster platters, lobster and calamari platters, sweet chilli octopus salad. Nuts and dried fruit platters and much more.
Corporate catering also offers a wide range of spit roasting packages, mouth-watering beef, charcoal chicken, rosemary lamb and crackling pork with A wide selection of salads, condiments and much more.
Finger food catering in San Jose is also a very popular selection of choice for corporates in Bay Area, many clients of platinum catering and events in the corporate industry choose one of the finger food packages we over the public and the corporate world. So many of our clients pick one of our 8 finger food packages, all ranging in a different quantity of items, different price range – price range from 8.90 per person 38.90 per person which can be label on a scale of an event as a short finger food lunch to a corporate or wedding function we guests you want to impress. Platinum’s friendly staff – waiters to chefs can help with any of your events. If you have a backyard function, Christmas party, friendly get together, corporate functions, weddings, product launches and much more. Staff can come out to any event whether you require RSA Licensed staff, waiters or waitress and chefs for all kinds of events – finger food, spits and BBQ or you can simply get a hot box delivery in which all your food is delivered fresh and hot ready to go.
Contact one of our friendly staff today and we can put together a quote for you. Corporate catering San Jose is for all your event and corporate food needs.