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Find out about corporate caterers through friends, family, and acquaintances who have used private catering service in the past. Compile a list of suggested names that you’ll get and use this list to jump start your search for corporate caterers.

Start ahead.
Make sure you compile a list several months (or at least several weeks) before the target schedule for your event. Having an early start won’t just give you more time to find the best caterers in the area. Also remember that reputable names in this industry will surely be fully-booked, particularly during peak and holiday seasons. Starting early will give you a higher chance of contacting and getting the best companies.

Consider start-up and small-sized caterers.
Apart from your list of popular catering service in your area, it will also be ideal to check out starting businesses and small-sized event catering companies. Aside from typically offering more affordable menus and function catering, you can also find more flexible event packages in their offerings. As these businesses are primarily after building a reputable name in this industry, many will usually go the extra mile to please their clients.

Schedule meet-ups and visits.
While it’s good to start your communication with a phone call, email, or text message, it’s more ideal to schedule a personal meeting with the private catering company you’re considering. Visits to the caterer’s place will give you a better chance of discussing your event details and particular preferences for the function. You can also do more effective bargaining during personal meetings. And of course, meet-ups with the caterer are also the best time to know about the particular services, menu and event packages, as well as catering prices they usually offer.
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Compare corporate caterers.
It’s good to consider corporate catering companies which have good reputation in the industry. Apart from the reputation, however, the most ideal function caterer is naturally the one that can give you what you want for your event. Compare the types of catering services they usually offer. What are specifically included in their event packages? Compare the list of services they offer and take note of the price range you have to pay for different corporate caterers.

Check out reviews and feedback.
Apart from personally checking out the caterers, you’ll have a higher chance of getting a good one if you check out feedback and reviews about a particular company. Do a bit of research about the caterers you’re considering and take note of what their past and present clients have to say about them.

Consider your budget.
Before you check out different caterers, make sure you have an allotted budget that will cover the whole event. Look for function caterers that offer services in the price range you can afford. However, should you find event packages that you think are good but a bit on the expensive side, make it a point to do some bargaining to get the best deal for your money. And of course, check out different policies of the caterer regarding payment schemes, as well as refund or cancellation terms and conditions.

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