Co-Working Spaces for Events

Co-working offices are the hottest trend in commercial real estate rentals right now. With the cost of office space on the rise, small businesses can’t afford to rent full offices for themselves. So these entrepreneurs are joining forces to create flexible work spaces, complete with board rooms, patios, and conference halls.

Most co-working spaces are quiet on the weekends. And while there may be a few nerds around typing out some code, savvy hosts have realized that these spaces are a great alternative to traditional hotel and conference spaces for small gatherings.

In addition, none of these co-working spaces have restrictions as to which catering companies you can use for your small events. Nearly all co-working spaces come with kitchens; and many of the kitchens are fully equipped with large refrigerators, stoves, and coffee machines.

If you are looking for a small space for an event like a board meeting, company retreat, fundraising dinner, or art show, contact several co-working companies. There is no single operating standard — meaning some will be willing to help you on a one-time basis, while others may require some sort of annual membership to use the space. And the membership might be worthwhile; the cost of an annual membership to a co-working space (for just one night) might still cost less than the use of a hotel conference room.

Co-working spaces also come in a range of styles. While some will be sterile and generic, others could be fun and avant-garde. Touring several spaces will give you the opportunity to pick the exact space to match your own event.

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Co-Working Spaces for Events
Co-working offices are the hottest trend in commercial real estate rentals right now.