Choose Chicken

One great way to save on catering costs is to limit the meat selection for dinner. For a corporate event, most people understand that companies are trying to cut costs and cater to a diverse group of attendees. For a wedding, you might get pressure from parents and in-laws to put beef and fish on the menu. However, chicken and pasta are perfectly acceptable choices for a hip, young crowd.

If your wedding is going to be in California, you should assume at least ten percent (or more) of your guests will want a vegetarian option. Pasta Florentine, vegetarian lasagna, and farfalle primavera will satisfy all the vegetarians’ needs while offering a perfectly acceptable alternative to chicken.

Saving the on the main entree selections will also free up some money for a generally more satisfying meal. Use the money you saved by avoiding beef to add an appetizer, upgrade the salad, or end the meal with a memorable dessert. Adding a fruit and cheese plate before the salad allows the guests to warm up their palate and provides a great ice-breaker for conversation. Even more satisfying than a choice of entrees would be a choice of desserts – hot fudge sundae, lava cake, and fresh fruit options will keep guests talking

“Beef, chicken, or fish” is a thing of the past. Because chicken is a universally accepted meat option, you have an endless list of add-ons and accessories to your meal that will help make the entire event memorable.