Children’s Party Catering in the Bay Area

A party can be a very special and memorable event in the life of a child. However, planning the menu can be one of the toughest things to do since kids are notoriously picky. Even if your child enjoys anything you serve, you may not experience the same thing with all of the children of your guests. How can catering help the event to go smoothly?

  • Kid-Friendly Menus – Catering to the specific tastes and needs of children can help make clean up easier after the party. Kids are notoriously messy, so finger foods are a great way to avoid the messes that occur when kids struggle with coordination using flatware. Nuggets and fries are sure to please and result in far less mess than a big sloppy burger and a side of mac and cheese.
  • Satisfying the Sweet Tooth – Let’s face it, what kids will remember most is dessert. For families that are watching refined sugar intake, you can offer a fresh fruit option, but you also want a creative cake option. Individual desserts that can be eaten by hand, cookies and cupcakes, for example, can also reduce the mess.

San Jose and Bay Area Catering for Children’s Parties

Be sure to choose a catering company with decades of experience. Caterman Catering can offer a crowd-pleasing meal that simplifies party planning for you and may even reduce the amount of clean up by offering kid-friendly options. To learn more, speak with one of our party planners today by calling 408-441-8719.