Celebrate National Barbecue Month Without Firing Up the Grill

Memorial Day is seen by many as the official start to barbecue season, so it is no wonder that May has been named national barbecue month in the United States.  What are some of the most grilled proteins in the US? Here are the top four according to a 2013 study.

  1. Hot Dogs – It may not be a surprise to you that hot dogs are the most grilled protein in the US (72%). Hot dogs come in many varieties. You can feed an army of people on the cheap by getting the most processed dogs at the grocer. However, there are also more luxurious all-beef varieties and even turkey dogs to enjoy the flavor with lower fat content.
  2. Steak – The US is a meat and potatoes kind of country, so steak coming in at number two (71%) probably is not much of a surprise either. From marinating cheaper cuts to grilling up massive, thick-cut ribeye steaks to a beautiful medium rare, it is tough to compete with this red meat lover’s delight.
  3. Hamburgers – This may be the most versatile of the grilled proteins besides being one of the most popular (69%). Conventionally, burgers are all beef, but some people get creative like adding ground pork for extra juiciness or ground lamb for extra flavor. Plus, there’s the convenience of a bun (or lettuce wrap for gluten-free or carb counting barbecue fans).
  4. Chicken – Chicken is growing in popularity as a barbecued meat (64%) as more people are trying to stay on their diet while still enjoying the char of the grill. Plus, you can still grill up a chicken breast, add your favorite toppings, slap it on a grilled bun, and treat it just like a burger.

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