Catering Thanksgiving

Cooking a good Thanksgiving meal is hard work. And while it can be fun to do once and a while, cooking might be the last thing you want to do for a family holiday event. With all the pressure that goes into hosting everyone on the big day, asking a catering company to cook the majority of the food is the best way to save yourself from the stress while still offering a high quality meal.

Many people who don’t want to cook on Thanksgiving think that a pre-made grocery store meal is their only option. Generally, pre-prepared grocery store meals are not as healthy or delicious as a true home-cooked meal. Most people want to avoid the bland stuffing, cold peas, and overcooked turkey that often comes with a meal made in an assembly line.

A catered Thanksgiving meal, however, is a customized meal freshly prepared and delivered to your house in time for the big event. If you want help in the kitchen, most caterers are happy to offer the necessary staff to prepare the hot, plated meals as well. You can select everything from the veggies to the herbs in the stuffing to ensure your catered meal is just as memorable as the one’s you (or Mom) used to make.

And a good Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without a selection of pies and cakes for dessert. You don’t have to rely on those sterile-looking pumpkin pies from the grocery store’s bakery aisle. You can serve a fresh pie with a genuine crust and topped with the best ice cream or homemade whipped cream.

Cleaning the house, preparing guest rooms, and decorating the table is difficult at any age. Whether you are planning to host your first Thanksgiving or planning for your 30th, don’t underestimate the challenges that coming with cooking a full meal. Focus on being a good host and let your caterer cook the meal.