Catering a Dinner Party

Woman to Hostess: You’re amazing! The last time I had a dinner party I was stuck in the kitchen all night. I barely saw my guests. How do you do it?

Hostess: Oh it’s easy. We’re having cork flakes and milk for dinner.

Hosting a dinner party isn’t easy. From the hors d’oeuvres to the dessert, you have to be in the kitchen preparing food with hardly a moment to enjoy your friends. In addition, you’ll need hours of free time before the event to plan the meal, shop for ingredients, and set the dining room table.

Dinner parties, however, are coming back in fashion. While backyard barbecues and pot-luck picnics are fun, there’s nothing quite as special as a few friends relaxing around a dining room table for a pleasant evening of fine wine, fine food, and adult conversation.

With the price of restaurants on the rise, along with the pressure to free up the table for more customers, a dinner party at home is a more attractive alternative and a price-comparable option. Frequently, groups of friends will share the cost, making the evening all the more affordable and relaxing.

While a restaurant might offer a wider array of food, you can still offer your guests a full menu of delicious choices ahead of time. Your gluten-free and vegetarian friends will appreciate the opportunity to pre-select a entrée of their choosing instead of the one or two options on the menus of most restaurants.

With the right catering company, you won’t be stuck in the kitchen all night. In fact, you won’t be stuck in the kitchen at all. Your personal chef and kitchen helper will do all the work while you sip wine and enjoy your guests.