Box Lunch Options

When creating a box lunch for people in California’s Bay Area, you can take advantage of the location’s diversity to offer some unique options. Vegetarian, Asian, Indian, and rustic food cater to a variety of tastes and offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a familiar meal or explore new food.

Vegetarian food is a great way to showcase how filling and tasty an alternative meal can be. In addition to being a healthier option, vegetarian food has a low environmental footprint. Plus, vegetarianism is a significant part of cultures and religions around the world. Make sure to include a vegetarian option for any box lunch in the Bay Area.

Asian flavors and Indian spices can add new tastes to a traditional box lunch. If you think your guests might shy away from a bento box or tikka masala, simply add a flavorful twist to a lunch standard. Use curried mayonnaise for a turkey sandwich or teriyaki dipping sauce for carrot sticks.

Add some humor to your California box lunch with a gold-rush meal. Ask your catering company to come up with some fun and creative foods reminiscent of California’s history. Start with a hard roll, salami, and cheese for a make-your-own sandwich. Add a tiny can of beans for that wild-west feel. Lastly throw in some Goldfish crackers.

Celebrate cultural diversity and local history with your box lunch options. Healthy food and little humor will perk up your guests and get them ready to finish the day with energy and enthusiasm.