Bay Area Dog Party

Howl-a-ween Party. Bark Mitzvah. Whine and Cheese. With more than 120,000 dogs in the city of San Francisco alone, the Bay Area is a dog-friendly place. Dogs are members of the family, and if you are a dog owner, or want to host a party for your dog-owner friends, consider adding a menu and a list of activities for dogs at your next event.

With the temperate climate in the Bay Area, a bring-your-own-dog party is best held outside. Either in your own backyard or at a local dog park, an outdoor event prevents the inevitable accident. Plus, dogs generally want to run and bark, and your living room is probably not the best place for such activities.

Hire a caterer to help you plan the event. Catering companies are full-service event-planners, and you can use their expertise on how to pick the right food (for your guests and their dogs) as well as plan activities and decorate the lawn for the fun. If you are going to provide food for the dogs (a good idea to keep them relatively calm) inform the guests ahead of time of the doggie-menu. Your caterer will have access to the premium meats and can help divide the food into individual bowls for the event.

Don’t leave out the dog-free friends. Just because a friend doesn’t have dog, doesn’t mean he or she wouldn’t love an afternoon with the pups. (But let everyone know ahead of time about the dogs as there are some folks who suffer from a fear of dogs.)

Dogs are members of the family. They protect and love the family like no one else. Celebrate the love of the dog, and include dogs in your next celebratory event.