Barbecue Across the United States

We want to continue our theme of national barbecue month by filling you in on some of the US regions with the most unique barbecue flavors. Here are 5 of our favorites:

  1. North Carolina – In a nation divided by different preferences in meats and sauces, North Carolina represents by being divided within itself over the issue. The eastern half of NC prides itself on a spice and vinegar base for barbecue sauce. Plus, they specialize in whole hog usage. On the other hand, the western part of the state is focused on one particular part of the pig: pork shoulder. Sauces combine vinegar and tomatoes for a thicker and sweeter coating.
  2. South Carolina – Not to be outdone, South Carolina adds mustard to their barbecue sauce. They also isolate a favorite part of the pig for use: pork butt.
  3. Alabama – Moving away from the Atlantic coast, Alabama starts to get into not only other sauces but different meats as well. Besides just pig, you can expect to find pulled For sauce, Alabama may use a white vinegar base or even mayo.
  4. Texas – Heading further west along the gulf coast, we reach perhaps the state that is most famous for barbecue, Texas. Texas is less a meat and potatoes kind of place and more of a meat and meat kind of state. Dry rubs and smokers on brisket and other choice parts of the cow are the main menu
  5. Kansas City – The barbecue scene in Kansas City is so incredible that it’s the only city to make our list of US barbecue regions. This is the sweeter side of barbecue with thick sauces sweetened with If you’ve never had burnt ends, there’s a whole new world of barbecue for you to explore.

National Barbecue Cuisine in the Bay Area

However you like your barbecue, Caterman Catering has a menu for you. From our Wild Texas BBQ menu to our west coast menus which can include vegetarian options, you’re sure to find the perfect meal for your spring or summer BBQ needs. Call 408-441-8719 today to get started.