5 Ways to Make Your Reception More Fun for Guests

Most couples look back on their wedding day as a whirlwind event. Sometimes they may not even remember who was there without checking the photo album. But guests clearly remember an event for years to come if they have a good time. How can you make your wedding reception more fun for your guests? Here are 5 ways:

  1. Seat People at the Right Table – It can be a quick end to fun for an entire table if you put two feuding relatives next to each other. Pay attention to how guests will interact. Seating your singles at one table might help them to mingle a little, but in reality, most people prefer to be seated with others they know. Your singles can meet on the dancefloor.
  2. Have Great Party Favors – Candies and monogrammed matchbooks are okay, but wouldn’t it be better to provide something your guests can interact with that night? After all, how many favors from past weddings are lying around your home right now? The wedding is about the event, so make favors useful in the moment.
  3. Limit Boring Moments – There are some things that are special to the couple that may not matter much to everyone else there. For example, at a small intimate gathering, no one may mind a lengthy series of toasts. At a big event where most guests don’t even know the family members speaking, you may want to limit the length of these personal moments so as to keep everyone engaged.
  4. Interactive Food Stations – Whether guests get to make their own sundaes or there is a potato bar, interactive food stations allow guests to eat what they want and have fun putting it together.
  5. Surprise Entertainment – Live music is popular at weddings, but that is related to dancing and pretty much expected unless you go with a DJ. Give guests a little something extra special to remember by having a brief show from a magician, professional dancers, an acrobat, or some other act. The cocktail hour is a great time for this surprise, and it gets everyone in the mood for the rest of the festivities.

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