5 Tips for Planning a Perfect Engagement Party

If you are hosting an engagement party (which is traditionally done by the bride’s parents and then the groom’s separately, although combined engagement parties are becoming more common), then you no doubt want to make the occasion as special as the couple that has decided to tie the knot. Here are five tips to help you plan a spectacular engagement party.

  1. Understand the Occasion – An engagement party is a way to congratulate the couple. It also gives some of their close friends the opportunity to meet each other and family members in advance of the big day.
  2. Schedule the Event Quickly – You need time to plan a great party, but you don’t want to wait so long that the couple is super busy planning the wedding itself. Thus, the engagement party should be within a couple of months of the engagement, and even faster if the couple is planning on a short engagement.
  3. Choose the Right Venue – It really depends on the atmosphere you want it to have. If you want a formal feel for the party, rent a venue. If you are looking for a more informal meet and greet, then choosing the house of a relative with enough room will do. If the weather permits, you could even have the party outdoors.
  4. Invite the Right Guests – Plan on the wedding party being there, unless someone has a scheduling conflict. After that, it is up to the host. You don’t need to know the guest list for the wedding itself – engagement parties can have guests who aren’t getting invites to the ceremony or reception.
  5. Serve the Right Meal – You don’t need a multi-course meal with an open bar for the engagement party. In fact, you could serve barbecue at an outdoor party. If the party is later in the evening, appetizers and wine may be all you need. If you want to center the occasion around the meal, base it on how formal the gathering is. A formal party at a venue may have a sit-down meal. An informal party at a home is likely to be buffet style.

Catering for Your San Jose or Bay Area Engagement Party

If you are planning an engagement party in the San Jose or Bay Areas, don’t forget to contact Caterman Catering to choose the best menu for the occasion. Our special event planners can also put you in touch with the right vendors and venues in the area to create the exact experience you want. Start today by calling 408-441-8719.