5 Common Elements of a Wedding Reception

It’s your wedding reception, so please see this list as the guideline it is and not as any kind of list of rules. You can leave out any elements that are not important to you or add in other events that you think are vital to the celebration. These are just five common wedding reception elements in the order they are usually performed.

  1. Cocktail Hour/Hors D’oeuvres – This is the perfect way to kickoff a reception. Everyone has some starters and a cocktail while waiting for the main festivities.
  2. First Dance – After the wedding party and happy couple are introduced, it is time for the first dance. This allows you to go straight to the dancefloor, which was already cleared for the introductions.
  3. Dinner – After everyone is seated, it is the perfect time to have dinner served or to begin calling tables for the buffet.
  4. Speeches – Speeches can begin as soon as everyone has their food. This allows everyone the opportunity to eat while listening and the chance to partake in any toasts.
  5. Cake Cutting – This should happen toward the end of the evening. Eating cake is usually the sign that the bride and groom will be leaving soon so guests can begin to filter out if they like. So be sure you don’t cut the cake too early in the evening and send the wrong message.

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