4 Tips for Making Your Wedding Reception Fun for Guests

This is your special day, but you still want all of your guests to have a great time and remember the happy occasion with as much fondness as you. That means taking into consideration what will make your reception the best experience for guests. Here are 4 tips:

  1. Choose Seating Arrangements Carefully. Sitting next to the right people can make a good experience even better. Unfortunately, sitting with the wrong people can spoil the mood. The amount of time and thought you put into the seating chart will have a major impact on how enjoyable guests find the occasion.
  2. Have Fun Party Favors. Whether it is something your guests can snack on or something they can take home, make your party favors fun and practical. Just giving out matchbooks with your wedding date on it is only going to be interesting to your one friend who collects that sort of thing.
  3. Have an Interactive Food Station. Whether it is an espresso bar with dessert or a potato bar for your actual meal, allowing guests to interact with the food can help them to customize part of the experience and make the meal even more enjoyable than just checking a box on the invite to choose between the chicken or the fish.
  4. Hire the Right Band. The music choices are going to be a major factor in whether people dance and have a good time at the reception, so be sure to hire the right band and someone who can play a lot of the favorites that will be requested by guests.

Don’t Forget to Hire the Right Event Planner and Caterer

At Caterman Catering, we have you covered from start to finish. Not only can we offer exciting reception menus and custom options to meet your needs, but our event planners are also well connected to vendors in the San Jose and Bay Areas, so you can choose from the best entertainment and venues for your guests. To get started, contact us today at 408-441-8719.