3 Tips for Planning Your Spring Wedding

Spring is often associated with flowers, pastel colors, and chirping birds. How can you plan your wedding for this wonderful season and evoke the feelings of springtime along with the romance of your wedding day? Here are 3 tips for planning the perfect spring wedding.

Plan for the Weather

Those flowers don’t pop up in spring by accident. They are thriving on the more frequent rains. That means planning accordingly for the weather. You may be able to pull off an outdoor wedding, but make sure your venue has an indoor option if the forecast won’t cooperate with the festivities.

Choose Seasonal Colors

Pastels are the colors of the seasons, but that still gives you a wide range to choose from. Just about every major color can be turned into a pastel. So whether you prefer greens and blues or pinks and purples, you can find your favorite theme and still create the springtime feel.

Select a Seasonal Menu

Spring also means new growth for crops, and there are plenty of fresh farm-to-table options for your wedding. Selecting a catering service that is connected to local farmers can give you the seasonal flavors you crave and ensure that your wedding guests have the freshest and most tasty meal possible.

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