3 Surprising Wedding Trends for 2018

Are you planning a wedding in 2018? We’ll help you get started by filling you in on a few trends that will help you to think outside the box.

#1 Rustic Is So 2017

Rustic weddings have been all the rage the past few years. But that homemade, not quite put together look is finally falling out of style. It is being replaced with a little more of the elegance that we’ve always expected from weddings in the past. Called new age Bohemian, this style will allow you to elevate things and create a romantic yet edgy evening.

#2 Trade in Barns for Industrial Spaces

Again, the trend toward rustic over the past few years was making it stylish to have a wedding in a barn or at least to dress up the venue like one. You won’t see a whole lot of hay bales in 2018. The trend is moving toward a more industrial style and venues with exposed beams and concrete floors.

#3 Drip Cakes Replace the Naked Cake

No more cakes baring it all on the dessert table. Now they get a slightly more modest coverup with drip icing. You can still see all the delightful layers, just with a little more decadence. It goes along well with the Bohemian theme. And if you want to go with something for individuals rather than one big cake, skip cupcakes and try elegant donut creations.

Keeping Our Finger on the Pulse of the Wedding Industry

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