3 Reasons to Have a Work Lunch Catered

Do you want to boost morale at the office and encourage better health? Having lunch catered may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. What are some of the ways a catered lunch can give your team a boost? Here are 3 benefits.

#1 Healthier Food Choices

A catered lunch can offer healthy, locally-grown options that give your team a real pick-me-up during the day. Let’s face it – left to their own choices, how many of your employees are going to reach for a salad instead of snacking on chips or other items that are easy to grab on the go and eat at a desk?

#2 Getting Away from the Desk

Speaking of eating at the desk, this is another reason to have a nice meal at the office on occasion. It is a great excuse to get up from the desk for lunch. Not only does eating at the desk usually result in consuming food that isn’t as healthy, but it also does not provide the break from the stress of the day that getting up and going somewhere else in the building for a meal can provide.

#3 A Tasty Meal

Junk food may taste good to us in the sense that it is comforting, but good food can be delicious while providing the nutrients we need to operate at our best. A catered meal be a real morale boost because good food makes us happy.

Give Your Office a Productivity Boost

Call Caterman Catering today to learn more about our catered lunch options. We can help you to select a healthy and delicious menu that will give everyone something to talk about. To get started on your work lunch today, call 408-441-8719, and talk to one of our event planners.