3 Myths About Fall Weddings

Myth #1 – You Can’t Have an Outdoor Wedding in the Fall

The good news is that daytime temperatures in San Jose and the Bay Area during the fall are usually still nice enough for a wedding to be held outdoors without the need for artificial heat sources. If you are worried about how much the temp may fall after dark, you can still enjoy a nice outdoor ceremony and maybe even the cocktail hour before moving indoors for dinner and dancing.

Myth #2 – You Have to Use Fall Colors

It’s your wedding. You can have any color scheme you want. You can also combine classic fall colors with other tones that pair nicely. For example, fall isn’t just a time of year that leaves change color. It is also a time of year when people prefer hot beverages such as coffee and tea. You can still evoke seasonal feelings with various shades of brown or coffee colors, and these also pair nicely with shades of red, orange, or yellow for a more traditional fall blend.

Myth #3 – Everything Should Be Pumpkin Flavored

Be subtle with the use of pumpkin. Half of your guests probably had a pumpkin flavored drink that day already. Offer a creative option like a pumpkin ravioli during the appetizer course. You don’t need to have decorative gourds everywhere and pumpkin in every dish or drink to remind everyone that it is fall in a pleasing way.

Your Fall Wedding Planners

If you are planning a fall wedding in San Jose or the Bay Area, call Caterman Catering at 408-441-8719. Our special event planners can help you to create the perfect look and feel for your special day.