3 Lamb Entrees to Get Your Taste Buds Excited

Why should you choose lamb as the entrée for your next big event? Not only is this a tasty alternative to beef that many guests find unique and upscale, but there are also health benefits to consider.

For example, lamb fat is primarily along the edge of meat cuts rather than marbled throughout. This means that while lamb is actually higher in calories than beef, most of that can be easily cut away. But there’s an even better reason to go with lamb during your next big event.

There are many incredible ways to prepare this dish. Consider the following three:

  • Oven Roasted Leg of Lamb – Leg of lamb is a lean and tender cut of meat that comes from the back legs of the lamb. Roasting is a typical preparation. Served with a sherry and currant sauce, this is a truly delectable dish.
  • Spiced Marinated Lamb Chops – Marinating lamb chops is a great way to enjoy an economical part of the lamb without sacrificing flavor. The marinade helps to produce a tender and flavorful dish. A garlicky yogurt sauce gives this meal a Greek flair.
  • Braised Lamb Shanks – This meal is so tender the meat just pulls apart due to the braising process. Served with gremolata and baked polenta, it becomes the perfect Italian comfort meal.

Your Lamb Entrée Specialists

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